Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sight, Sound, Connection

I've toyed with the idea of setting up a public blog for a while now. The idea is to create a platform to collect, archive and share my thoughts on technology and media convergence. Until recently, it seems like something always got in the way of this project: work, family, hobbies all seem to carry higher priorities than this "jumping on the blog bandwagon" project. I am familiar with the power of journals, and I know I need to enhance my "personal brand" and connect with more folks with similar interests and passions. Well, the procrastination is now finally over. I humbly present to you: Sight, Sound, Connection - democratization of information via technology.

My blog title may sound familiar to those of you in the media business. It is a tribute to Dr. Herb Zettl's book titled "Sight, Sound, Motion". Dr. Zettl was my mentor during my graduate studies at San Francisco State University, and his brilliant work in media aesthetics and visual communication has influenced broadcasters across the globe.

Today, I believe Dr. Zettl's work in media aesthetics still shape the way we communicate visually. What's now changed in this age of media convergence and information democracy, is the addition of a "connection" element. Social media technologies are bringing people around the world together in ways never before possible. This "freedom to connect" will forever become another major cornerstone in the way we communicate, enabling a true paradigm shift in information democratization and social changes.

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