Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photo Gallery: Canon's G10 Promotional Website

I came across Canon's G10 Promotional Website today while scanning through my RSS reader. This site has been up since April, but somehow it never got on my radar until today.

I really like this promo campaign. Yes, I know I am being sold a camera, but I am willing to go to the campaign site, click around and learn more about the product in order to check out the beautiful photo gallery. Canon has offered the perfect value add content for the demographic interested in the G Series: serious amateurs and professionals who want a solid 2nd camera that's lighter than their D-SLR, but still maintain manual controls and high image quality. Being a Canon G9 owner, I may be partial to Canon. However, the VII Photo Agency gallery really appealed to me. These are the type of shots I would like to create, and this site has provided me with some very satisfying content. When we launched the Juniper Media Center YouTube Channel last year, the idea was very similar: provide value added content for our technical community, and the rest will follow. The key is offer value: tell, not sell, and let satisfied customers and word of mouth marketing work for you.

What's missing from the G10 promo site? Perhaps if it were up to me, I would provide some type of link to a user generated content forum. Another interesting possibility is linking this to an actionable community event (photo contest sponsored by the VII agency maybe?) When the G11 campaign comes around, hopefully a community oriented segment will be included. If a photo contest ends up as part of the campaign, I am sure I will be one of the first to participate :)

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Rapee said...

I recommend Canon PowerShot G10. I have one and very beautiful picture. Don't miss Canon G10.