Monday, October 24, 2011

Logitech Wireless Touchpad - Unboxing and Initial Impressions

I’ve recently produced a how-to video on the Logitech Wireless Touchpad for Logitech’s support community, and I was able to use this device exclusively for a few days while getting to know its functionalities. Prior to my experience with this standalone touchpad, I would have thought that a mouse or trackball would always be better choices compared to the touchpad. Most of my experiences with touchpads are from using laptops, and I can’t really say that I am a fan of these built-in touch surfaces. They usually interfere with my typing, and I was never really comfortable with their sensitivity and size.

While I still prefer mice when it comes to desktop pointing devices, the Logitech Wireless Touchpad did grow on me quite a bit. I’ve enjoyed using it much more than any laptop touchpad’s I’ve ever used. The surface and buttons have a solid feel to them, and the multi-touch gestures are very usable. For me, this device is the perfect mouse alternative for my HTPC and Digital Audio Workstation. It is much easier to control the HTPC from the couch with a touchpad compared to a mouse. With my DAW setup, I have a very cramped workspace (since the desktop is shared between a 61 key synthesizer and a PC keyboard). There’s simply not enough room to comfortably navigate a mouse. Depending on the task at hand, a standalone wireless touchpad can be moved to various parts of the desk. It is much easier to control the DAW software while recording a keyboard track by positioning the touchpad on top of my Yamaha MOX 6.

So while my main PC at home will continue to be controlled by a mouse, the Logitech Wireless Touchpad is an excellent mouse alternative in both my living room and home recording studio. Below are a few unboxing photos and the multi-touch gestures video from Logitech Support's Youtube Channel.

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