Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photoblog Update

My project 365 photoblog turned out to be an overwhelming challenge after a couple of months. What started out as an exciting idea quickly turned into a serious burden. With a full time job, a family and numerous personal obligations, it was extremely hard to keep up with the project and take quality into consideration. I found myself taking a lot of "filler" photos just to have backup photos for the day. I stopped updating the photoblog when I realized this project was transforming photography from an enjoyable hobby into a chore. It was time to slow down before I turn an activity I loved into something negative.

I am still taking a lot of photos during my spare time, and I will continue to update my photoblog on a regular basis (as time permits). I've learned a lot from this project 365 attempt, and I will give this another try when the right time comes.

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